What is an Attic Vent Analysis?

A professional plan.

An attic ventilation analysis calculates the number and location of vents required based on known local building codes.

The service is free.

Architects, builders, and contractors appreciate the service because it reduces the complexity of compliance, ensures premium performance, and reduces costs.

From basic information ...
... To a detailed vent plan

Using satellite imaging and innovative proprietary software, we calculate the attic square footage.


Using a detailed model, we convert the square footage of the attic cavity into square inches and determine the number of vents necessary to create a balance system.


A detailed report suitable for submission to code officials (for our building and architectural partners) or homeowners (for our contracting partners) is developed and provided.

O’Hagin’s Pre-Construction Services removes the uncertainty. We use the free service to confirm exactly how many vents we need and where they should go. The end result is a better-looking structure with a better-performing ventilation system.


We resisted working with a vendor to supply attic ventilation calculations. It was a mistake. Getting attic ventilation plans from O’Hagin lowered our costs – we actually use fewer vents – and improved the performance – we put the vents where they should go.


The right answer pays. Literally. We dramatically increased our sales by incorporating an O’Hagin Attic Ventilation Analysis with every proposal. The professionalism the report provides has allowed us to win more jobs and add six new salespeople in less than a year. More jobs at higher prices all because we changed our sales approach to use the free Attic Ventilation Analysis report.