Knowledge is Power.  O’Hagin University gives you the knowledge to create the best attic ventilation solution. Four quick Zoom classes are the foundation of O’Hagin University, each course focuses on a single topic and provides the practical tools necessary to design / install a world-class system.

Graduation Gifts. To celebrate the value of knowledge, O’Hagin is pleased to award all participants who complete the four-part program with a certificate and branded merchandise.

Meet your instructor.

Western Regional Sales Mgr., Director of Code Compliance & Technical Training at O’Hagin.

With 19 years’ experience in the ventilation manufacturing industry, the VENTMAN has the onsite experience not defined in the building code. He shares his performance based attic ventilation solutions that meet and or exceed current building code standards. His common sense approach to attic ventilation concepts are easy to understand and add value through less change orders, call backs, etc. Every project is important to the VENTMAN!

Course 1
Attic Ventilation Overview: A Solid Foundation

What’s attic ventilation? Why it’s important? How do codes and regulations impact installation and design?

This course addresses all these questions and is the perfect primer for architects, builders, contractors and retailers interested in learning about attic ventilation.

2022 Course Dates and Times (all times Pacific)
Course 2
Creating an Attic Ventilation Solution

How many, what kind, and where should I install attic vents?

These are just some of the topics addressed in this engaging course. Participants quickly and easily learn how to measure an attic space, calculate the proper number of vents, and review proper placement.

2022 Course Dates and Times (all times Pacific)
Course 3
Ventilation in Challenging Environments

Snow, wind and the threat of wildfires are issues directly impacting attic ventilation design and performance.

In this class, you’ll discover tips for creating a high performing system regardless of conditions.

2022 Course Dates and Times (all times Pacific)
Course 4
Tools for Contractors

You do it right! Let O’Hagin help you scream it from the rafters (or the ridge)!

O’Hagin has a host of tools—from brochures to residential satellite imaging—designed specifically for our partners to communicate the value of proper attic ventilation. These tools are proven to increase sales and support margins.

2022 Course Dates and Times (all times Pacific)