Fire&Ice® Vents - Flame and Ember Testing
Low Profile - "Flat"
Product Data Sheet
Medium Profile - "M"
Product Data Sheet
High Profile - "S"
Product Data Sheet

Features Include

  • Class A fire rating
  • Miami-Dade County Notice of Acceptance (NOA)
  • Accepted for use by many local fire officials for installation in Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) zones
  • Patent-pending flame and ember resistant ventilation system for tile roof applications
  • Patent-pending internal 3D stainless steel flame and ember resistant interior matrix system
  • Provides interior matrix to “trap” and resist flame, ember, rain, and snow intrusion into sub-tile and interior attic areas
  • Allows superior airflow for net free ventilation area (NFVA) requirements
  • Interior matrix withstands sustained temperatures of 1292° F and peak temperatures of 1472° F, exhaust acids, and high vibration
  • Easy retrofit for existing O’Hagin or other field vent installations
  • Optional 1/8-inch mesh throughout the vent
  • Installation does not require tile cutting or the use of lead flashings or other hazardous materials like dormer-style vents
  • O’Hagin’s attic ventilation system installed both high (ridge) and low (over-eave) requires no under-eave or soffit vents
Fire&Ice® Net Free Ventilation Area

Figures based on independent
evaluation reports

Tile Profile “Flat” “S” “M”
Standard 1/4″ Mesh 98.75 sq. in. 97.50 sq. in. 86.25 sq. in.
Optional 1/8″ Mesh 88.88 sq. in. 87.75 sq. in. 77.63 sq. in.