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Attic ventilation is an important tool in the creation of optimal environmental conditions in any residence or structure. Properly venting the attic space helps ensure a healthier environment as well as conserve energy. Attic ventilation may also reduce the build-up of ice dams in cold areas and may play an important role in prolonging the life of your roof. Ventilation requires the free flow of air, which may be achieved through the use of different methods and products. For instance, O’Hagin’s whole roof ventilation system encourages superior air movement by exhausting air from the upper eave vents (exhaust) causing a natural vacuum effect that draws air in through the lower vents (intake).

Validate Local Building Code Requirements

Most local building codes require compliance with either the 1/150 method or 1/300 method exception (refer to local code). These methods dictate that one (1) square foot of ventilation is provided for every 150 or 300 square feet of attic floor space. Compliance with attic ventilation code requirements should always be verified at the local governing level.

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